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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
My Journey As The Fox Head Clan
Chapter 1166 – God of Unkilling reproduce crawl
“Sure.” The dark-colored-robed mankind agreed without any reluctance. He even looked at the guy and sneered. “Unkilling Dugu, I’m scared you might be incorrectly recognized to utilize these ways to sow discord between our Dugu family members and Zhou Wen. Zhou Wen and Second Become an expert in are buddies. Just what exactly in the event you let him enter Myriad Elephant Valley?”
The person was approximately to mention anything when Zhou Wen disturbed him and said, “Since the Dugu loved ones are okay, I’ll bring him in to have a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally hands him up to Worm Dugu.”
The person was about to talk about a thing when Zhou Wen cut off him and explained, “Since the Dugu household is excellent, I’ll have him in to take a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally fretting hand him up to Worm Dugu.”
“Really?” Zhou Wen frowned since he considered the black colored-robed guy.
The G.o.d of Unkilling was indeed famous, but it surely was popular as being a crippled Everyday life Providence. This was because with this Lifestyle Providence, Unkilling Dugu couldn’t even remove an ant. His Daily life Providence headed him to never be tarnished with bloodstream.
“Zhou Wen, my Dugu family members are remaining besieged by a small grouping of unidentified people. 2nd Grasp and also the rest are trapped in Myriad Elephant Valley…” the person anxiously shouted at Zhou Wen.
Unkilling Dugu didn’t wait. He gritted his teeth and walked towards Myriad Elephant Valley with no purpose of retreating.
“Alright, let’s achieve that. I’ll go in along with you.” The man was happy when he been told that and hurriedly depicted his stance.
The black colored-robed man wasn’t fl.u.s.tered in anyway. He explained that has a smile, “Don’t let me know you are going to pay attention to a traitor spouting nonsense?”
Nonetheless, Unkilling Dugu thought to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, you ought to be watchful. Due to the fact he’s enabling us to the valley, there has to be an ambush inside of.”
The man was approximately to talk about one thing when Zhou Wen disturbed him and reported, “Since the Dugu household is fine, I’ll have him in to take a look. If he’s a traitor, I’ll personally hands him up to Worm Dugu.”
“Does that signify the Dugu family is great?” Zhou Wen requested.
Zhou Wen had already grabbed the unconscious gentleman through the collar and lifted him up.
Right before he could complete his phrase, his look froze on his deal with. Then, his sight have been stuffed with terror.
Zhou Wen nodded and didn’t harp on Unkilling Dugu’s ident.i.ty. He looked over the dark-colored-robed man and requested, “Can we go into the valley now?”
The person in dark colored little the strategy of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. He want to use his Blood stream Substance to jolt the Gu, though the Gu continued to be motionless.
The black colored-robed male clearly saw that Zhou Wen’s infiltration had beaten the guy in to a pulp. There were absolutely no reason for him to carry on residing, nonetheless the man’s injury rapidly cured. Immediately, he was like a typical individual. The cuts on his human body were actually thoroughly eliminated.
Prior to Zhou Wen could move, Chick permit out a good weep. A great number of Gu instantly declined in the atmosphere. While they didn’t expire, they set on a lawn trembling, absolutely neglecting their master’s requests.
“I’ve already told you that my surname isn’t An. In addition, should the loved ones.h.i.+p is indeed easily severed, there’s no point retaining it.” Zhou Wen looked at the person as part of his fretting hand and carried on, “Most notably, I don’t have that significantly determination.”
“Zhou Wen, do you know that the Dugu family has worked along with the An friends and family for years? Do you actually prefer to eliminate the trust and interaction.h.i.+p both family members have made in recent times due to a traitor’s lies?” The black colored-robed male paused prior to carrying on with, “Furthermore, he has been poisoned by all kinds of Gu. It’s impossible for him to reside on. Can it be worth every penny to complete all that for an individual who’s going to perish? Palm him onto me. Our Dugu friends and family will consider a technique to contact Following Grasp. You only need to loose time waiting for a time period of time.”
How is that this feasible?
“Really?” Zhou Wen frowned while he investigated the black-robed guy.
How are these claims probable?
“Zhou Wen, you should not believe that him. He’s not part of our Dugu family…” the man mentioned anxiously.
Unkilling Dugu didn’t be afraid. He gritted his the teeth and went towards Myriad Elephant Valley with virtually no goal of retreating.
The dark-colored-robed man’s students restricted when he urged the Gu, but it was completely pointless. Even Mythical Gu ended up trembling silently on the floor. Regardless of how he urged, there was clearly no effect.

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