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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
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NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2002 – Stop Investigating Yuan Wenrui promise snakes
The deputy director was serving another elderly director. He wasn’t employed by the Leng family members, the superior innovator, or the Yuan loved ones.
In Region Y, the Cretan household unsuccessful to find the murderer who wiped out Charles. It didn’t give up its research, but it really is in despair.
“Well, I do pray it’s just slander, usually the business will be in a blunder.”
For the reason that Consumer Safety Bureau during the budget became a significant area, the police will need to have evidence prior to taking steps. They believed that Yuan Wenrui was published afterwards for the health of his loved ones.
Once the spies dispatched through the Dongfang friends and family and the Jing spouse and children to Colaine have been open, they dispatched another group of people in excess of. Now, each of the people were members of their very own families.
Furthermore, though Yuan Wenrui enjoyed a take care of Shen Yanfeng, it hadn’t became popular still. Even when he seriously reviewed Yuan Wenrui, Yuan Wenrui wouldn’t be seriously reprimanded.
Leng Shaoting told the deputy director to do it rather than working with it on his very own since he idea it wasn’t good for him to take care of it physically in which he had no intention of allowing Yuan Wenrui get away with it this point. He believed that this Yuan family would have fun playing the fault match and try to damages the Leng household if he seriously explored Yuan Wenrui.
He obtained proof to verify that Yuan Wenrui really was generating a drug take care of Shen Yanfeng, but he wouldn’t remove it at this time.
“Did Chairman Yuan really have an arrangement with Shen Yanfeng? It’s medicine-trafficking!”
Leng Shaoting advised Gu Ning that, after Jing Jining provided news reports with Leng Shaoting.
“Perhaps Shen Yanfeng slandered Chairman Yuan.”
Leng Shaoting instructed Gu Ning that, just after Jing Jining discussed the news with Leng Shaoting.
After Yuan Wenrui was removed from the authorities, Expert Yuan heard news reports instantly. Simply because it wasn’t unexpected, Learn Yuan stayed relaxed.
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“I noticed the Leng family’s individuals arrested Shen Yanfeng on this occasion.”
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On top of that, despite the fact that Yuan Wenrui enjoyed a contend with Shen Yanfeng, it hadn’t been successful yet. Even when he seriously explored Yuan Wenrui, Yuan Wenrui wouldn’t be seriously disciplined.
Anyhow, it didn’t signify he would just let Yuan Wenrui go. Leng Shaoting would distinct Yuan Wenrui because of this event, however the package Shen Yanfeng built would turn into puzzling. Not one person could make sure that Yuan Wenrui indeed got a contend with Shen Yanfeng.
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Chapter 2002: End Investigating Yuan Wenrui
“It’s not weird in any respect. It is just what Leng spouse and children always does. Regardless of whether its individuals are guilty, they will still arrest them. That is the reason why they’ve held a strong reputation.”
Leng Shaoting informed Gu Ning that, following Jing Jining shared this news with Leng Shaoting.
The deputy director had taken out your commitment he obtained closed with Shen Yanfeng. Yuan Wenrui confessed which he obtained closed it, but insisted the fact that arrangement had gold on it instead of prescriptions when he composed his title down.
Anyways, it didn’t imply he would just let Yuan Wenrui go. Leng Shaoting would individual Yuan Wenrui with this situation, nevertheless the cope Shen Yanfeng created would grow to be puzzling. No person could make sure that Yuan Wenrui indeed had a handle Shen Yanfeng.
This news that Yuan Wenrui was soon launched immediately after staying taken away from the police officers propagate in foreign countries. Many individuals believed Yuan Wenrui experienced nothing with regards to the medicine-trafficking case Shen Yanfeng was involved in, however, many didn’t believe it.
Because of that, Rong Jue felt that Leng Shaoting didn’t shortage facts to establish that Yuan Wenrui really had a handle Shen Yanfeng. He considered that the Leng spouse and children was unwilling to keep a grudge with the Yuan household.

“No way! It’s unlawful.”
Yuan Wenrui wasn’t pushed within the interrogation space immediately after he was delivered to people Safety and security Bureau. He was part of the Yuan household in the end. Regardless of whether he was actually a suppose, the authorities wouldn’t address him badly prior to he was proclaimed remorseful. Thus, Yuan Wenrui was taken to a business office and also the deputy director with the Community Safety and security Bureau interrogated him in the flesh.
Then, the Leng friends and family must be unwilling to become damaged, but he didn’t believe the Leng family members was frightened of the Yuan family. Probably the Leng loved ones simply wanted to penalize Shen Yanfeng on this occasion.
Yuan Wenrui’s handle Shen Yanfeng didn’t do well, therefore, the criminal activity didn’t endure, and the man couldn’t reprimand Yuan Wenrui even though he required out your information. In fact, the Yuan family members wasn’t fragile whatsoever.

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