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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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Ah-Zhong hastily stormed forward and reported, “Madam, Auntie Qiao is becoming a growing number of unruly! She actually desires the cook cooking a beef meal for your small brat? Doesn’t he know Madam can’t endure the stench of various meats? What type of motives does she have?! She clearly wants to antagonize you, Madam!”
Yin Yuerong leisurely rolled up her sleeves as she stated, “Auntie Qiao, make the components. I’ll ensure it is me.”
Auntie Qiao was approximately to communicate when Yin Yuerong’s speech was read behind them. “Why do you wish to see me?”
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Yin Yuerong came back to the current. “I know a little bit.”
Yin Yuerong: “…”
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I want to actually eat it generated by Grandmother!”
Nie Tangxiao… Tangxiao…
Yin Yuerong aloofly glanced at him. “Who claimed I informed the cook to generate a meat meal?”
Auntie Qiao: “…!!!”
From that time then, she hadn’t made.
“Then what’s the interpretation behind your own name?” Yin Yuerong inquired.
She got nearly forgotten she actually knew ways to make meals. For Si Huaizhang, she learned an array of culinary techniques.
Tangtang’s label?

Yin Yuerong delivered to the provide. “I do know somewhat.”
On the other hand, he didn’t eat a single thing she created even as soon as.
Tangtang blinked. “Suppose, Grandmother!”

Yin Yuerong looked over the small fella’s exciting phrase and sparkling starry vision, and her very own gaze gradually softened involuntarily. “Millimeters, it’s a very good title.”
Alternatively, she jogged into him at your workplace after, having the boxed meal that female intended for him. The lunch was poorly manufactured and made an appearance somewhat burned even, but he dealt with it much like a cherish. He even flew in a horrible rage toward her because she knocked across the food that lady produced.
Tangtang nodded truthfully. “I would like to eat it manufactured by Grandmother!”
It seemed to be quite a laid-back label, although the which means actually turned into this comfortable.
Ah-Zhong: “…?”
[1] Chilly nights
Sugary and sour… extra ribs…
Tangtang blinked. “Figure, Grandmother!”

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