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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1446 – Look At Yourself, Are You Worthy Of Her mushy black
“You… Aren’t you on poor terminology with Gu Jingyan?”
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Gu Jingyan checked out him. “It wasn’t an unexpected, although i was quite frightened. Never accomplish this once more. It is a college. We’re still pupils. Should you choose this, it will eventually possess an unwanted influence over everybody.”
Obviously, Ceng Kai didn’t throw in the towel so easily. “Jingyan, I really will take care of you effectively.”
He swept up to her and yelled, “Jingyan, don’t depart! What do I do incorrect that created you so irritated? Is it simply because you never much like me accomplishing this? I’m sorry. I won’t make this happen next time. I honestly just wished for to provide you with an unexpected.”
“You… Aren’t you on negative conditions with Gu Jingyan?”
Gu Jingyan was still expressing to Ceng Kai, “Move besides. Don’t stick to me ever again, fine?”
Ceng Kai tugged at her once again. “Jingyan. Why are you dealing with me by doing this? I believed you have been very interested in me way too? You might go against Lu Beichen for my benefit. Why can’t you try going out with me truly? I truly demand you. I feel that you’re the lady who has relocated my heart one of the most. Without having you, I might not have emotions for anyone more. I mean it…”
On Lu Beichen’s conclude, he slammed the family table straight away.
Ceng Kai looked over him. “You… Who do you consider you are? Why must you react that way?”
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“Enough. You don’t even fully understand Gu Jingyan. What exactly do we wish to try to her? I must be brave enough, ideal? All else apart, she’s a really masculine woman. She’s not my variety often.”
He pulled Ceng Kai aside and shifted Gu Jingyan behind him easily.
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Fu Chenxi was surprised and hastily requested, “What took place? Beichen, what went down?”
Fu Chenxi was surprised and hastily requested, “What took place? Beichen, what actually transpired?”
Ancient Xu laughed. “That’s why I claimed you don’t know nearly anything in anyway, yet you dare to the courtroom Gu Jingyan. Hmph. She’s your fourth Youthful Miss with the Gu family. Why never you look at your possess family background and check if you are deserving of her?!”
Lu Beichen scoffed briefly. He s.h.i.+elded Gu Jingyan and looked over Ceng Kai. “Who do you think that you are? Are you currently worthy of being lumped in addition to Gu Jingyan? If she confirms, then it’s a thing between the both of you. If she doesn’t recognize, then it requires us.”
There were a pained concept on Ceng Kai’s experience. “Jingyan, do not be of this nature.”
On the other hand.
These days, these people experienced made an appearance.
Obviously, Ceng Kai failed to think it. He looked at Lu Beichen with confidence.
“It’s not a problem of no matter if you’ll handle me properly. This is because I never just like you whatsoever.”
Gu Jingyan was truly disappointed.
Ceng Kai considered them, puzzled. Why had been they so defensive of Gu Jingyan?
“Everyone is observing. Jingyan, don’t be so scared any further, okay?”
Ceng Kai failed to assume Lu Beichen to come.
Lu Beichen mentioned, “Which one of the eyes discovered that we are not on excellent terms? Oh, you’re referring to our issue, ideal?”
Ability to hear this, Outdated Xu laughed all the more loudly.
Lu Beichen changed his visit glimpse at Gu Jingyan.
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Gu Jingyan experienced much more disgusted. “No make a difference how most people are looking at, I won’t accept this type of unreasonable get from yourself simply because you choose to do this.”
“Enough. You don’t even fully grasp Gu Jingyan. What can we desire to do to her? I really need to be brave plenty of, right? Everything else away, she’s such a masculine gal. She’s not my form both.”
They switched their heads.
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“I… I didn’t look at countless issues nevertheless i genuinely like you.”
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Naturally, Ceng Kai failed to believe it. He looked over Lu Beichen confidently.
Ceng Kai failed to assume Lu Beichen ahead.
Minimal Q also reported, “What treatment have she teach you? You’re so shameless. Let it go if you’re men. You’re so wishy-washy. It becomes difficult for Gu Jingyan to like you.”
But Ceng Kai declined to hear. “Gu Jingyan…”
“Ha. I was aware this Ceng Kai was approximately no good. It’s a pity that Gu Jingyan refused to listen for me regardless of the. On this occasion, she really acquired it approaching on her.”
“Jingyan, no. I want a solution from yourself. Never make.”
Gu Jingyan turned around and left behind.

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